The text below outlines Kilogramme’s privacy policy.  If any of it is unclear or you’d like to ask any questions about how we handle data, do let us know mail@kilogramme.co.uk 0161 833 1986

 We’re an animation studio, so what information do we collect?

 Well, a fair bit, but we only use it to talk to you.  If you email us to enquire about an animation you’d like to make, if you look on our website from your computer or phone, if you comment on one of our social media channels, if you invoice us for creative produced, all that information is with us in the eyes of data laws, even if you call and leave your phone number.



 Our website www.kilogramme.co.uk uses cookies for analytics to help us to see which pages are popular and which are not, so we can adjust content on the website accordingly. You may not identify yourselves or sign up to our newsletter, but your IP address is recorded so we can see how many visits we’ve had and from which countries.

We won’t use this information to contact you, but it helps us to know what content is popular.  If you disable cookies on your web browser, this information will not be stored.


While working with you on projects, there will be an exchange of data between us that may include us recording your name, job title and contact details. We will also store company financial details you supply to us on our financial system for the purposes of invoicing. This information is necessary for good communication in active projects and for reference when working on future projects to make sure there is continuity and we are not asking you the same questions again.

This information stays within the Kilogramme team and is used for no other purpose than to communicate with you about your project, future projects or to contact you with new ideas. If we believe there is mutual benefit in third parties we know, knowing you, we would seek your permission before making an introduction.

Once we have talked with you regarding development or potential work, we will then keep your data on record to inform you about other projects we are working on that may be relevant to you, if we think you would be legitimated interest in those services.

We store information about all freelancers and suppliers of Kilogramme in order to communicate about current and future projects and for the purposes of paying those freelancers and suppliers for their beautiful work. This includes financial details as well as contact information.

All records are digital only, we are primarily a paperless company.


When working on projects we are sent briefs and often company information, which may be subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Any information sent to us as part of an enquiry which does not become an active job will not be stored. Briefs and company information received on active jobs that are not subject to an individual NDA are then subject to Kilogramme process and will be kept on the servers for the duration of the project and for 6 years afterwards, unless we are otherwise instructed to destroy it.  The purpose of retaining the briefs is to ensure continuity of service on future projects.


 Our social media channels are controlled by Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and Tumblr and operate under their respective privacy policies.


 Absolutely nothing other than work on your projects.  Your information is for Kilogramme only and any sensitive or confidential information or enquiries are stored on a protected server space which is only accessible to permanent members of staff, including the two Directors. All other information is for the project teams only.


 Information about personal data stored by the resource Kilogramme use to send out newsletters can be found here:


Requesting access to your data

To request access to personal information that we hold about you, we require that you submit your request in writing to mail@kilogramme.co.uk

 If you wish for your data to be removed from our records, also write to us using the above email address.  To be removed from our newsletter, please click UNSUBSCRIBE on the newsletter.

If our data is ever compromised, we shall contact you to let you know.