sex and relationshipS education


tameside council and schools SRE programme


In late summer 2017, we were contacted by Charlotte Lee, Public Health Programme Officer for Tameside Metropolitan Borough council with an ambitious project in mind.

From September 2019, sex and relationships education will be made statutory in all primary and secondary schools and consequently, the Sex and Relationship Curriculum that is taught in Tameside Schools had been rewritten. An extensive and comprehensive series of lesson plans, support activities and presentation slides were now required as part of the project.

Kilogramme had previously produced successful short films for Tameside Council, but this was a project on a much bigger scale.

The new material was aimed at pupils in Key Stages 1 To 4 and would cover a wide range of subjects including healthy relationships, bullying, contraception, consent, unplanned pregnancy, diversity, consent and fgm.

Working closely with Nikie Marston of Hello Creative and our talented illustrator on this project, Pablo Lacruz, we designed over 100 pages of content with sensitive and thoughtfully produced illustrations to accompany the text, which was written by Kerry Cabbin  - Director of Tough Cookies Education Ltd.

We are very proud to have been involved in such an important and supportive project and look forward to producing animated content for the campaign.

Project Lead / Art Direction : Claire Grey
Illustration: Pablo LaCruz
Design: Nikie Marston
Copy: Kerry Cabbin

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