How to Commission Animation

Our blog for Smoothie PR is out now. Hopefully it helps explain in a really simple way what different types of animation are, how to commission your animation and how to get the best work possible from it. Click on pic to read:

Review of 2018

2018 has been a great year. We've produced a number of 2D and 3D commercials, worked with typographer Martina Flor to animate the seasons, combined animation and live action with Petface, added character to the TfGM tram safety campaign, completed another series of The Dumping Ground, created and animated our Amy for the Wordhunters game, brought Cosatto pram patterns to life, worked with an amazing group of inspirational children to produce Our Story, animated Penfold live and animated a well loved Manchester character called Noel for Christmas. Here are some of the highlights:

Wordhunters is released!

We had great fun working with Thumb Food and Clever Beans to design, build and animate explorer extraordinaire Amy, for the new Wordhunters game on PS4. The game will be released on November 14th, but we you can meet our Amy on our social media channels now.

Pre-order game:

Amy for wordhunters.jpg

Live Animation - Penfold at CBBC

To celebrate the Halloween episode of Danger Mouse we will be animating Penfold live on air using Adobe Character software. Penfold will present links with Hacker T Dog all afternoon, with comedian Kevin Eldon voicing him and controlling his facial expressions, while the Kilogramme animation team operate a pre-animated rig to bring him to life. Watch us on CBBC HQ on 31st October and wish us luck!

Penfold wave.gif

Claire wins her Blue Peter badge

Blue Peter are here today filming with us as part of the Penfold live animation project….as a result, Claire has won her Blue Peter badge! If you want to find out what we were filming, watch Blue Peter on 22nd November 2018


Our Story with M6 Theatre

Today we get to tell you about a fantastic film we’ve been working on with an amazing and inspiring group of children from Rochdale.
It gave us the chance to stand in the shoes of young people who have left behind everything they know to find a better life, and now we can share that experience with you:

M6 Family.PNG


Launched today, the latest in our Seasons animations created with Martina Flor ( Watch it on Vimeo here and read full details on our website.

Bread & Jam Food Festival

The first of our films made for Bread & Jam Festival has been released today.  See it here:

The first of our films made for Bread & Jam Festival has been released today.  See it here: