Tall Tales - Part 3

TThis is an animated short about why children need to smash empty eggshells. It came out of an old wives' tale told to me as a child. It also came out of
some very generous people who backed it on Kickstarter, artists who contributed to the campaign and a very talented team who put it together.



Client: Personal
Directed and Written by: Jon Turner
Character Design: Emma Reynolds

Background Design: Kristian Duffy
Additional Design: Luke Flowers
3D Animation:
Paul Campbell, Jono Candish Wilson, Ruben Barracol, Jeanne Laureau and Jon Turner
3D Modelling: Paul Campbell, Chad Dusenbury, Stewart Rollings
Rigging: Jono Candish Wilson and Richard Drumm
Lighting, rendering, modelling and compositing: Paul Campbell
Voiceover: Paul J. Rose
Sound fx: Eloise Whitmore