Ben and Jerry's - One Sweet World

Nice and Serious got in touch in 2017 , about helping to make a film for Ben and Jerry's. It turned out that creatively and in terms of message, this film would be one of the best we've ever worked on.  It has an opinion, but if that is 'no group is an island, entire by itself', then it's an opinion worth broadcasting.

Hope you like watching it, as much as we liked making it.


Client: Nice and Serious for Ben and Jerry's
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Animation Director: Luke Marsh
Creative: Christopher Ross-Kellam
Producers: Segolene Meheust, Mutsa Marau
2D Design & Concept Art: Luke Marsh
3D Design & Environment: Guillaume Le Roux
Character Modelling & Animation: Kilogramme
Texturing & Compositing: Thom Haig, Chris Shaw
Additional 2D animation: Romain Loubersanes
Writers: Tom Tapper, Gleb Toropov, Christopher Ross-Kellam
Storyboard: Marylou Faure
Music & Sound Design: Adelphoi